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URI Mapping Manager

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Ceon URI Mapping Manager 2.2

Ceon URI Mapping V5.1.1 UMM Edition (included in Download files) must be installed before (or Ceon URI Mapping free edition upgraded to UMM Edition) Ceon URI Mappings Manager can be installed.

Easily manage URI Mappings (Static URLs/URIs). The intuitive interface makes generating and editing URIs quick and painless!

Ceon URI Mappings Manager makes it extremely easy to: Bulk-generate Static URIs for Pages Generate URI Mappings for entire categories at once - including their subcategories and all their products. If the store uses software such as Easy Populate, or Apsona ShopAdmin, or other custom product feeds, Ceon URI Mappings Manager makes it easy to maintain the URIs, as they can be generated after products/categories are bulk-uploaded/updated.

Generate URI Mappings for all the standard “other” Zen Cart pages at once (Contact Us page, Shipping page, All Products listing page etc.), or for all Manufacturers or EZ-Pages at once. Redirect the Store's Old/Current URIs - Prevent Broken Links. Batch Import Old URIs - Stores that have URIs generated by other software, such as Ultimate SEO, Simple SEO, Magic SEO etc., can import these existing URIs as historical URI mappings. The old SEO module's URIs will redirect to the new Ceon URI Mapping URIs, reducing the possibility of broken links from search engines and other sites!

Fallback URI Mapping/Import - Have any old Ultimate SEO URLs category, product, manufacturer, EZ-Page, product review page and product review info page URIs, and/or Simple SEO URLs category, product, manufacturer and EZ-Page URIs, automatically mapped to their new Ceon URI Mapping URIs: As these old URIs are encountered for the first time they are imported as historical URIs.

Set Auto-generation Templates Define auto-generation “templates” for the entire store, or for individual categories, for manufacturers, EZ-Pages or “other” pages. E.g. Products could have their model included in the URI: /{category-path}/{product-name}-{product-model}. Manage Current/Historical URI Mappings and Aliases Add, edit and delete URI mappings for any Zen Cart page through its intuitive interface - there's no longer any need to manually edit the database!

Ceon URI Mappings Manager can save hours of work generating/adding URI mappings for each category/product/page for an existing store!

Installation documentation updated to make it much clearer that Ceon URI Mapping: UMM Edition must be installed before Ceon URI Mappings Manager can be installed, and to make it much easier to understand how to upgrade/crossgrade from Ceon URI Mapping standard edition. 

Essential Info

Here's the essential information about this release.

Title Information
Module Name: Ceon URI Mapping Manager 2.2
Zen Cart Versions: 1.5.x
PHP Versions: 5.3 -8.x
License: The documentation - and therefore the distribution on this site - is commercial, it may not be redistributed, shared between clients or plagiarised in part or in full. The license file is included in the release.
The software is released under the GPL, license file is included in the release.
Warranty: The software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
Author: Conor Kerr, Ceon

First released in January 2008, © Copyright Ceon 2024

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