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About Us

Ceon was founded by Conor Kerr whilst in his late teens, having been fascinated by electronics, computers and technology from a young age. Conor’s love of programming and software development began early when at age 14, he created “Christina Paint,” on his beloved Amiga computer. The art programme created for his young cousin, “Christina Paint” in many ways summed up what Conor was all about; a talented, innovative, brilliant mind that was underpinned by a genuine thoughtfulness and care for others.

Conor Kerr

Hugely talented, with an innate ability to understand what seemed baffling even to his peers, Conor was always destined to be a leader in his field. Conor’s talents and expertise were such that he garnered huge respect from the Zen Cart community. His masterly coding skills, the ethical and efficient manner in which he conducted his business allied to the large amount of people he helped, gained him a reputation as one of the leading and most professional programmers within Zen Cart.

These past years have been incredibly difficult for us, the Kerr family, the loss of Conor has turned our world upside down. However, added to this very personal struggle has been the challenge of finding talent that lived up to Conor’s exacting standards in order to keep Ceon alive.

Ceon was very much Conor’s world, he was totally committed to it, spending his entire working days and nights ensuring that his software was of the highest calibre and his support services were second to none. His generous willingness to give his time to anyone, who was in need of his help, was quite simply incredible.

In honour of Conor’s hard work, dedication and commitment to the Zen Cart Community, the Kerr family have worked hard towards the re-launch of Ceon and have enlisted the services of some of the Zen Cart’s brightest talents.

As a family we couldn’t have been prouder of Conor and he continues to be an inspiration to us all on a daily basis, our goal now is to continue his wonderful legacy and we hope that you will join with us on the new leg of this journey.

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